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Skilled Guidance For Divorce Modifications

Divorce and custody agreements are not necessarily set in stone. The law recognizes that people’s circumstances can change and sometimes it might be necessary to modify certain terms of a decree, specifically orders for child or spousal support, or child custody. At Mathers Law Offices, LLC, our attorney, Chris Mathers, can let you know how your agreement may be modified or how to challenge an ex’s request for modification.

Changing A Divorce Agreement

In order to modify the terms of an agreement for child support or spousal support, it is usually necessary for a person to demonstrate a substantial change in their circumstances. This may involve the loss of a job or a significant change in income. A remarriage may also provide sufficient grounds for a support modification.

Child custody and visitation agreements may be modified for a number of different reasons. Typically, if one parent wishes to relocate out of state or is planning to move a significant distance, it will be necessary to modify a custody agreement. If a parent is engaging in reckless behaviors or is otherwise placing a child in an unsafe situation, a modification will also be in order.

It is important that any modification receives court approval. You should never decide on your own to simply reduce support payments or to stop following the terms of your custody and visitation agreement. A qualified lawyer skilled in family law can help ensure that any modification follows the law and helps keep you out of potential legal trouble.

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