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Skilled Guidance For Child Support Matters

Issues involving child support can extremely difficult to resolve. The financial obligations of raising a child are significant, and it is important that children get the financial assistance necessary to meet their needs. It is also important that any support determinations keep the parents’ financial well-being in mind. At Mathers Law Offices, LLC, our lawyer, Chris Mathers, can help resolve difficult support matters, whether you are seeking support payments or are being asked to make financial contributions to your child’s upbringing.

Determining Support Amounts

In general, determining the amount of child support a parent can expect to pay or receive is a relatively straightforward process. The state of Arizona has guidelines in place that can provide you a good estimate of what support payments may look like. These guidelines are based on a number of different factors, with the primary factor being the income of each parent. Support payments may be modified if a parent experiences a substantial change in circumstances.

Our family law attorney will work closely with you to ensure an accurate picture of each party’s income is presented to the court, and we will work to help uncover any sources of income that may be hidden to help ensure your children get the financial support they deserve.

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