Protecting Your Interests, Preserving Your Future

Growing Your Family Through Adoption With Confidence

However hopeful and excited you may be about your plans to adopt a child, you may also feel a bit nervous. What if a birth parent – even a long-absent one – objects now or in the future? Will the legal processes be complicated and expensive?

Many such questions may come to your mind as you approach your anticipated adoption of any of the following:

  • An infant located through an agency or private connections
  • A grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin or younger sibling
  • A stepchild with whom you already have a parental relationship
  • A foster child with involvement from the Department of Child Safety (DCS)

Whatever your family situation, rest assured that the team at Mathers Law Offices, LLC, will answer your vital questions and move you toward your goal of a completed adoption. Our Scottsdale-based family law firm has successfully handled stepparent adoptions and foster parent adoptions, among others.

One Step At A Time

Attorney Chris Mathers is ready to direct you capably and efficiently through all necessary steps that apply in your case, such as:

  • Paternity determination
  • Termination of parental rights of biological parents
  • A home study

With an experienced and dedicated family law attorney guiding you, every aspect of the adoption can bring greater peace of mind as you move closer to the happy day.

Mr. Mathers can also help with unusual situations, such as an adult adoption, a resolution of obstacles to adoption or challenges to an adoption after the fact. These circumstances are relatively rare, but when they occur, you will enjoy the reassurance that comes with legal counsel from an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer.

Get Answers, Assistance And Advocacy

Your family’s adoption process is a lifelong journey. You and your child-to-be will do the work of forming a supportive family together. As your family law attorney, Mr. Mathers will count himself privileged to guide you through all legal requirements with as few complications as possible.

Let’s talk about your plans and how this law firm can meet your needs at this special time. To schedule a consultation, call 480-877-1266 or provide your contact information on our simple online form.