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Resolving High-Asset Divorce Proceedings

While any divorce proceeding carries its own set of challenges, the stakes are particularly high when there are significant assets involved. It is important that all property is properly identified, valued and divided equitably. At Mathers Law Offices, LLC, our attorney, Chris Mathers, can help guide you through complex divorce matters, ensuring your interests are asserted and protected every step of the way.

Dividing Complex Assets

When it comes to high-asset divorce cases, thorough preparation is key. Placing a proper value on assets is essential to a fair property division agreement. Our lawyer can help with the division of all types of assets, including:

  • Businesses
  • Stock options
  • 401(k)s and pension plans
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Artwork
  • Vehicles

If necessary, we will work with forensic accountants and other experts to help place an accurate value on any assets that may be subject to division.

Is It Community Property Or Separate Property?

Arizona is one of a few states that follows the doctrine of community property in divorces. In other words, any property that is owned prior to the marriage is considered separate property and is not subject to division. Property acquired during the course of a marriage is considered community property and is subject to division.

Of course, things are rarely so simple. Depending on the circumstances, separate property can become community property. It is easy to imagine how complicated things can become when dividing high-value assets, which is why having counsel skilled in family law in your corner is so important.

Get Customed-Tailored Advice For Your Divorce

If you are going through a divorce where significant assets are at stake, you need a skilled legal guide. To schedule a consultation with our attorney, call our law offices in Scottsdale at 480-877-1266. You may also contact us online.