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Important factors to consider when creating a parenting plan 

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Divorce

As tough as divorce is on adults, it can be even more challenging for children. Creating a framework for your co-parenting routine that offers some stability for your children can be extremely important. Additionally, having clear directions in place may reduce conflict between you and your co-parent.

A parenting plan is one way to ease tensions on all parties involved in the divorce procedure. A solid parenting plan will make sure that issues such as education, healthcare and familial relationships are adequately addressed.

However, a parenting plan that is not comprehensive could actually cause disagreements. As a result, it is important to consider some key factors that ensure a parenting plan functions properly. These include:

Educational concerns

The education of a child is arguably one of the most important issues parents should consider. A parenting plan should take into account whether the child is changing schools, or remaining in the same educational institution. Additionally, if the child’s school requires fees, contemplating how these financial obligations are going to be honored is vital. 

Healthcare decisions

Naturally, the well-being of the child will be at the heart of every parent’s motivations. Thus, a functional parenting plan should consider who will make both emergency and routine health decisions on behalf of the child. Furthermore, considerations should be made as to how any medical fees (including out-of-pocket co-pays and medication) will be covered. 

Unforeseen circumstances

It is almost inevitable that life will throw up unexpected events. For example, a parent’s employer may require them to move, or there may be a sudden family illness or bereavement. Allowing for some adaptability in a parenting plan can be very important. Perhaps, parents may even consider a minimum amount of notice that is required to make adjustments. 

Having a clear and thorough parenting plan could be in your best interests. If you are involved in a custody dispute in Arizona, then there are legal options open to you.