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Should you choose a neutral custody exchange location?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Divorce

When crafting the parenting plan, a divorcing couple will often spend a significant amount of time developing the parenting time and visitation schedules. Unfortunately, they might omit a list of acceptable proxies or custody exchange locations. In fact, based on the relationship of the parents, it might be wise to include some neutral exchange locations to prevent future disputes.

A child custody exchange site can vary widely across different families. While the parents bringing the child to each other’s homes might work for some relationships, other relationships might require a more neutral location. It is not uncommon for the divorced parents to feel animosity toward each other, and a simple disagreement can lead to a heated, emotional debate. For many, it is wise to consider a location where the situation is more public, professional and neutral.

Common examples of neutral child custody exchange locations can include:

  • A local fast-food restaurant
  • A mall food court
  • A popular park
  • A local police station

It is wise to consider central, public locations that are equidistant from both parents to alleviate unnecessary conflict. When severe conflict is a virtual certainty, many parents elect to forego an in-person exchange altogether. In these situations, the parents might use proxies such as a trusted coworker, neutral family friend or a neighbor with whom the child is comfortable. Additionally, the exchange could occur at a natural location such as one parent dropping the child off at school and the other parent picking the child up.

While some marriages end because the couple has simply grown apart, some marriages end due to bitter arguments and acrimony. After the parents finalize their divorce, they are unlikely to exhibit warm, positive feelings toward each other. Often, choosing a neutral child custody exchange location is necessary in preventing serious conflict and heated arguments.