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Steps to take after you finalize your Arizona divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Divorce

Many people assume that the most trying part of a divorce is reaching the stage at which a judge finally issues the decree that ends their marriage.

While this is an important landmark in your legal matter, there are a few extra things that you’ll need to do after obtaining a certified copy of your divorce decree to close one chapter in your life and embark upon this new one. 

What should you do with your divorce decree?

One of the first places you should take your certified divorce decree is the Social Security Administration (SSA). You’ll want to do so to update your name on their records. You should next head to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division to update your driver’s license information. You should also check with county tax officials to see the procedure for updating your car registration and title. (Changing your name is only possible that way, however, if your divorce decree includes that order, so that’s something to remember as you go through your divorce.)

Speaking with the human resources office at your job is also essential. You’ll want to provide them with your updated name, address, emergency contacts and bank routing information. You may want to inquire how to update your information with employer-provided health insurance plans. You may also need to ask about setting up a child or spousal support deductions when speaking with them. 

Ensuring that all appropriate parties receive your qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) so that they can properly execute it is critical as well — and you want to make sure that you update beneficiary designation forms for your life insurance, bank accounts and other assets. 

Finally, make sure that you update your will, powers of attorney and other important estate documents to reflect your current situation and desires.

How do you know if everything is finished?

Your divorce attorney can be an invaluable resource both during the divorce process and after. It isn’t unusual to have a few lingering issues that have to be settled even once your divorce is complete. Working with an experienced representative can make your transition to single life much easier.