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How to post on social media during divorce negotiations

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Divorce

Social media provides people immediate access to friends and family around the world. Social media enables people to expand their social circles and build support systems, regardless of distance. While these connections worldwide bring more people together, the public nature of posting may have repercussions on current legal action, like divorce proceedings.

During divorce negotiations or litigation for any civil suit, spouses sometimes post compromising information on Facebook and Twitter. Though these posts may allow some temporary stress relief, they may significantly impact the ruling of a case.

Follow these guidelines for safe posting

Spouses can avoid these negative consequences by taking care of the content of their posts. Following these guidelines can help prevent courtroom consequences:

  1. No insults: Social media allows people to post without interruption, allowing for long-form posts full of emotion. Posts like these can generate support and encouragement from loved ones, but any that contain insults or exaggerations might compromise one’s character in the eyes of the court or risk a libel suit.
  2. Do not post pictures: Posting photos from last night may seem innocuous, but many lawyers may use these public pictures as evidence of infidelity or unfitness as a parent.
  3. No checking in: Spouses escaping emotionally or physically abusive relationships should refrain from posting their location on social media. “Checking in” can reveal too much information to an abuser and risk one’s safety.
  4. Separate friend groups: Some posts allow privacy filters, allowing posters to select which friends have visibility. Since married couples often share friend groups, people can overlook friends or family members who may share the hidden post with one’s spouse.
  5. Close accounts: The only surefire way to prevent social media posts from impacting courtroom decisions is temporarily shutting down all accounts.

Considering divorce? A lawyer can help

Those considering divorce find more success working with a lawyer familiar with Arizona divorce laws. An attorney can assess a suit, advise on social media posts and draw up comprehensive settlement paperwork.